What happens to link value over time

  Over time, not so much backlinks lose weight in the eyes of search engines as the content in which they are posted. This was pointed out by  John Mueller  during the last SEO webinar.  Googleman was asked a question: “Do inbound links lose value over time?  That is, can we say that old backlinks are no longer so important when compared with new ones? " Search engine employee response: “Well, I don’t know, why don’t you ask the opposite question - is it true that age backlinks have more weight in the eyes of a search engine?  Can this be allowed too? In general, speaking from an SEO London standpoint, your question indicates that you are paying unreasonable attention to links.  This is the first thing. Secondly, you should understand that we are not closely monitoring the age of inbound links.  The development of the entire site is much more important for us. Let me explain.  Let's say you got a backlink from a news site from an article that is posted on the home page.  This